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The Meaning Of Celtic Zodiac Animals

Most people think of astrology as the 12 signs of the Zodiac that developed in Ancient Egypt and then moved onto the Babylonians and the Ancient Greeks. However, there are other systems of astrology that have developed, and one of the most interesting ones is called Celtic Astrology.

Like the more familiar types of astrology, the Celtic calendar is based upon 12 months in the year. In this way, it is based both upon the lunar cycles and the stars.

The Celts divided the year into half-light and half-dark. The light part of the year began in the month we now called May, or what Celts considered the spring and start of summer. The dark part of the year began in November, or what we could consider — the end of fall and beginning of winter.

How Celtic Astrology Honors Nature


The Celts used their own system of astrology to honor nature. They had observed how their environment changed from season to season. Even within a season, different stages of the moon may add a different flavor to a certain time of the year.

The Celts used animal signs in their own version of astrology. Indeed, their system of belief did not draw a firm distinction between people, animals, and the rest of the natural world around them. In a way, this is very in line with a modern understanding that people are just one kind of animal, and that we have a place in the natural world just as other animals and plants do.

Understanding Animal Signs In Celtic Astrology


In order to understand how the Celtic Zodiac works, it might help to consider just few of teh Celtic examples here at

For instance, the stag is one animal sign. This sign tends to symbolize very high aspirations and lofty ideals. People born under the sign of the stag won’t be deterred from their ideals and their visions. They embody patience and persistence, but they tend to be proud.

In contrast, the fox sign signals sly cunning, charisma, and a sort of untamable and energetic personality. This type of person is likely to crave adventure and be a lot of fun to party with. However, foxes might also engage in some risky behavior. At the same time, foxes are also known for their loyalty, so if you don’t mind a few bumps in your relationship, a fox is a great friend to have.